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Cause and Effect supports children and families in a variety of ways. We do so with the support of four sources of funding. Families are welcome to contact us directly to discuss their child, eligibility and his/her needs. Funding sources include the following:

Funding Options

  • Alberta Education +

      Program Unit Funding (PUF)
    • •    PUF is an Alberta Education grant that supports eligible children with severe disabilities 2.5 to 6 years of age.
    • •    Cause and Effect is a designated PUF Early Childhood Services (ECS) program.
    • •    This educational-oriented grant enables Cause and Effect to administer a well-rounded supportive program within the child's natural environments including preschool and their community.
    • •    Parents who have been informed that their child may qualify for the PUF grant by a health care professional may contact CE to begin the application process.
    • •    For more information on Cause and Effect Click Here

      Mild Moderate (M/M)
    • •    Mild & moderate funding is an Alberta Education grant provided to support children that are a minimum of 3 years 6 months (as of September 1st of the school year). A child may be eligible for a maximum of two years of MM funding support.
    • •    Programming is intended take place in language rich learning preschool and kindergarten environments.
    • •    This educational-oriented grant enables Cause and Effect to support the child requiring support services in one or two disciplinary areas.
    • •    Parents who have been informed that their child may qualify for the MM funding by a health care professional may contact CE to begin the application process.
    • •    For more information on Mild Moderate Screening and Programming Click Here
  • Family Supports for Children with Disabilities Funding (FSCD) +

    • •    FSCD is funded through the Human Services Branch of the Alberta Government.
    • •    FSCD works in partnership with eligible families to provide support and services based on each child and families individual assessed needs.
    • •    Cause and Effect is a private provider that can implement FSCD programming with families that have received support in the area of specialized services and/or behavioral/developmental aide services.
    • •    FSCD's protocol requires services to be initiated by families and approved by FSCD prior to Cause and Effect's formal involvement.
    • •    Families may choose Cause and Effect as their FSCD service provider if their child is already receiving services through the Cause and Effect PUF program.
  • Private Services +

    • •    Cause and Effect may be contracted to provide private therapy services for children with identified needs who may not qualify for government grants, or to augment existing services.
    • •    Our private services are coordinated on an individualized basis.
    • •    Parents who wish to access private services, can access Cause and Effect directly.
  • Charity +

    • •    Cause and Effect is a registered charity and endeavors to make services available to all children regardless of their socioeconomic status. To do so, we require the supplemental support of generous donors within our community.
    • •    If you are interested in donating, please proceed to this link. Donations
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Alberta Education Commendation 

Cause and Effect Early Intervention Services offers a high level of carefully planned intervention to children. The children receive developmentally appropriate instruction through one-on-one instruction, classroom activities, and home-based programming.

"Conclusions of Alberta Education Evaluation"
"The program offered to ECS children with severe disabilities through Cause and Effect Early Intervention Services are well organized, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate for this group of children. The administration team, the multi-disciplinary teams, and the special education teachers should be commended for their efforts in providing quality intervention programs to children with special needs."


Fundraising Newsletters

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