Program and Services

 "We are a WE company for WEE people"

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Cause and Effect Foundation is an Early Intervention Program committed to delivering individualized programming to each child within their natural environments including preschool, home, and community.

Mission Statement

"To promote maximum skill development in children who have special needs in their early years."


- Core Values -


Tailored Programing


  • Individualized
  • Developmentally and Age-Appropriate
  • Within Natural Environments
  • Supported by Skilled and Professional Child Experts
  • Coordinated by Interdisciplinary Teams
  • Relationship-focused
  • Whole child/Family Approach
  • Personal Touch
  • Positive Experience

Program Description

Cause and Effect Foundation is a registered charity that has been working with pre-school children with special needs and their families since 1994. We currently work with children in Calgary and the surrounding areas of both the Foothills and the Bow Valley. We work with children ages 6 months to 6 years collaboratively with their families. We center our program on the philosophy of "playing with a purpose".