Parent Responsibilities

Cause & Effect Foundation is an early intervention service that has been helping families in their community since 1994.

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Collaboration and Rapport:

  • We feel privileged to partner with families in their Cause and Effect Journey.
  • We believe that collaboration and building strong rapport is essential for this partnership to work and to maximize program effectiveness.
  • You will be working closely with a variety of members on your child's Cause and Effect team, particularly your child's development facilitator. It is most important that we all work towards building good rapport in order to ensure treatment goes smoothly. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your coordinator.

Staying Informed:

A communication binder will act as a daily source of information for all team members.

  • Parents are in regular contact with the Cause and Effect team to address questions, concerns regarding aspects of child programming.
  • A communication binder acts as a source of information for the family and Cause and Effect team members.
  • Parents have ongoing access to the binder which includes a calendar, the consultant notes, the child's programming plans, as well as a weekly communication log.
  • Meetings involving Cause and Effect Team and family to take place throughout the year to communicate progress, changes, and to keep each other informed. These meetings also assist in guiding the child and family centered nature of the program.
  • Cause and Effect also values parent education and offers various opportunities for learning throughout the year.
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Individualized Program:

  • Parents and caregivers are integrally involved in Cause and Effect programming including goal setting, program planning, and in the natural implementation of program recommendations.
  • Cause and Effect programming takes place in various natural environments that may include a preschool, dayhome/daycare, home, or community. It is the parents' responsibility to enrol and register his or her child in preschool and daycare/dayhome environments. As well, to alert all parties of their mutual involvement.
  • To assist with transportation to and from various commnity environments, Cause and Effect Child Development Facilitators are able to assist with transporting children, as required, during their programming time.


  • Calendars are used to keep Cause and Effect families and team members informed of upcoming appointments, family absences and meetings.
  • As Cause and Effect runs on the typical school calendar year, families are encouraged to book holidays during natural school breaks.
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