Preschool Considerations

Cause and Effect Foundation student plays on a slide

As an Early Intervention Service for preschool children with a variety of special needs, Cause and Effect Foundation is, very purposefully, a community-based program. We encourage families to choose a preschool program in their local community that will allow their child to develop relationships with neighbourhood peers, with the intent that those relationships may continue on into kindergarten and beyond. Cause and Effect wants families to have the opportunity to choose between a variety of local preschools, and we want the parents to choose a program that they feel may "fit" their child best. Consequently, we are in preschools all over the city and in the various surrounding communities where families live.

We are a guest in over 70 preschools in Calgary and surrounding area. Cause and Effect encourages parents to select a preschool for their child and then we connect with that preschool about programming. We do ask parents to advise the preschool of their involvement with Cause and Effect. As well, that the child will be accompanied by a Child Development Facilitator to provide assistance within the program.


Key Considerations:

  • If your child has limited mobility, please be sure to select a preschool that is on ground level or has an accessible elevator.
  • Please also choose a program that is play-based and is open to your child being supported by both direct aide (CDF) support and routine multi-disciplinary team visits.
  • In consideration of new and young children that come on board with Cause and Effect, we require 2nd and 3rd year CE children to register in an afternoon program.
  • Where possible, please select a preschool that is close to the child's home or dayhome.
  • Please also select a preschool offering either morning or afternoon programming (mid-day programs can be challenging for scheduling).
Cause and Effect Foundation student plays on a slide