Beginning your Cause & Effect Journey

Cause & Effect Foundation is an early intervention service that has been helping families in their community since 1994.

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- Mission Statement -

"To promote maximum skill development in children who have special needs in their early years."

How to get started on your Cause and Effect Journey?

  • Getting Ready +

    • o    Search for a program that meet your child and family's unique needs.
    • o    We have devised some common questions to consider when looking for a service provider (click here).
    • o    If your child has been identified as having a special need, give us a call. We will be more than happy to provide you with guidance through the assessment process.
    • o    If your child has been assessed and identified as needing support, the executive directors (EDs) will set up an appointment for information sharing.
    • o    Where do I start? Here is a brochure to help you out.
  • Getting Set +

    • o    The Cause and Effect team will work with you to initiate a program plan in conjunction with the appropriate therapists to address your child's individualized needs.
    • o    Your child's plan may be supported through one of a variety of funding sources click here for more information.
    • o    For PUF programming parents are encouraged to enrol their child in a preschool program in their community that fits their family and their child. If considering Cause and Effect as a PUF provider, we ask that during enrolment of preschool classes, that parents identify their child as possibly accessing a PUF program. Some preschools limit the number of PUF children in each classroom, and the preschool needs to know that a child might be coming with the support of a CDF (an aide) and a therapy team.
    • o    Please consider the following when choosing a community preschool:
      • • Play-based community preschools
      • • Morning or Afternoon program preferred (please avoid mid-day programs)
      • • Select two day programs on either Mon/Wed or Tues/Thursday
      • • Three day programs are only considered if a child can attend preschool independently on Fridays.
  • Go +

    • o    Most services are supported by a Family Liaison Coordinator who becomes the primary contact for the family, school, and team.
    • o    Your child's team of therapists provides purposeful and selective therapy strategies that are based on standardized tests and clinical observations.
    • o    Service will include assessments, reporting, direct therapy, consultation, goal setting, and re-evaluation.
    • o    For PUF programming a teacher will oversee the educational appropriateness of the program and assist with transition to school.
    • o    Assessments are presented to parents in a report format. Child and family centered goals are captured within an individualized program plan that drives program intervention. Documentation, noting progress and recommendations, is provided to the family by each therapist after each visit.
    • o    Recommendations under the guidance of our qualified therapy team are followed through by a Child Development Facilitator and/or Child’s caregiver.
    • o    Evaluation is continuous using an Individual Program Plan &/or Individual Service Plan for the child.
  • Learn and Grow (Parent Resources) +

    Parent Link Centers

    Triple P Website

    Childcare Subsidy


    Calgary Fee Assistance for Recreation

    Access Card site

    Children's Link Society

    Family to Family Connections

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Resources are available through our Toy Equipment Library Program. Learning opportunities are also made available in the form of workshops and in-services that are offered throughout the year. A semi-annual NEWSLETTER keeps our families, staff and specialists in touch with all that is provided within our yearly program.


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