"Quotes from our Families..."


Cause and Effect Foundation Student Sammy Copyrighted

"I would like to thank C&E for all the wonderful help & assistance they have provided to our child & our family. Without this team of people I honestly don't know where we would be right now. Our child continues to need this support very much to help prepare him for school."

"Having my son supported in a learning environment within his own community provided him the opportunity to make friends that can remain with him into his school career. Community integration is also extremely important for families and specifically parents of children with special needs because they can become a part of an incredible support system and that support system is extremely valuable and necessary for optimal child development."



"Throughout this entire process with C&E I have been amazed at the professionalism & amount of support available to families like ours. I simply cannot say enough about how much this program has helped us but the most important part is that we continue to need this help. This is an on-going situation and we have the team from C&E to lean on for support, information and advice is priceless."


Cause and Effect Foundation student Olivia Adison Copyrighted

"The services we received from our Family Liaison Coordinator and therapists far exceeded our expectations. We are thrilled with our daughter's progress and are forever grateful to Cause & Effect for the exemplary service, kindness and compassion."



"This time last year, we didn't know what our son's voice sounded like. Now he says some words, and more are coming every day, along with abilities in everything else."



"The therapists exceeded our expectations! The therapists were wonderful to work with and more than willing to answer all of my questions and concerns."



"This is the best decision that we could have ever made for our child. The results speak for themselves. We had previously been given a dire outlook, now thanks to Cause and Effect – we sleep soundly at night because her future is so bright! We can't say thank you enough."


"It was important to us for our son to be in a community preschool with his friends and peers so we were happy to be with an organization that facilitated that. This will help him in his transition to the school system to know what is expected of him, what he can do, what he needs help with from others and how to ask for that help."



Cause and Effect Foundation student Alex Copyrighted"Thank you for the opportunity to work with Cause & Effect this past year. All of the professionals took their jobs very seriously and worked hard to provide the best possible program that would meet the individual needs of our son. Because of their hard work, our son has become a capable speaker who demonstrated incredible growth over the last 10 months. We believe that you are providing a valuable and necessary service that would greatly benefit any child with special needs and we will not hesitate in recommending your program in the future. We are deeply indebted to the service that you provided for our son and are eternally grateful."



"My child learned how to better navigate social situations and how to play with other children which has allowed him to make a friends at school and in our community. His decreased sensory sensitivities have allowed him to "blend in" more easily and participate in school/ community activities and sports."


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